Indigo Imp Brewery Ltd.

The Beer

Imp beers are naturally carbonated, unfiltered, un-pasteurized, Real Ales. There is a small amount of brewer's yeast in the bottom of the bottle. Some people pour the yeast in the glass and some people don't, but we always suggest drinking our beer from a glass to fully enjoy the flavor and aroma. Imp beer is also unpasteurized. Pasteurization involves heating the finished beer to temperatures that those wonderful yeast would find intolerable. That's just ungrateful after all the work they just put into creating alcohol for us.

Imp Bottle?!?!?!

What is an Imp Bottle? It's the one bottle in every six pack dipped in wax. There's a little Imp in everyone but sometimes one stands out. Are you an Imp?

Imp Styles

Spring Belgian-style Saison - Inspired by the original Farmhouse ales of Belgium. A gold-colored ale with esters of spice and fruit and a smooth body from a fine Pilsner malt. Fermented with a special blend of Belgian yeast. 6.8% ABV
Fiend Red Rye Ale - A copper-colored session beer brewed with spicy Rye malt and Pale barley malt. A touch of Roasted Barley provides color and a dry finish. 5.2% ABV
26￿ Tropical Stout - First brewed in the 1800's for an ocean voyage to the warm climate of the Tropics, this strong black beer has a smooth sweetness and restrained bitterness. 7.4% ABV

Candi-man A salute to the Monastic breweries of the Middle Ages, this Belgian-style Double Ale is brewed with fine pilsner malt and Belgian candi sugar. A traditional ingredient in Belgian abbey ales, candi sugar provides a deep amber color and complex flavors.
Devil's Wit A wheat beer with a devilish hint of spice. Enjoy this refreshing beer in warm weather with witty conversation.
Firebrand This light amber colored ale is brewed with a combination of American, British and Belgian ingredients for a refreshing take on an IPA. Hints of spice and fruit are well-balanced by malt and hop bitterness.

Blonde Bombshell
An American blonde ale with a smooth malty taste, moderate hop bitterness, and slightly fruity and nutty aftertaste.

A pale ale fermented with a special blend of Belgian style yeast, has a pleasant clove and a little banana flavor balanced with a moderate malt character. The finish is a slight hop bitterness with some spiciness from the yeast.

A classic Robust Porter brewed with Black and Caramel Malts in our open fermentation tanks. Gatekeeper is a dark beer with a balance of sharp bitterness, from Black malt and hops, and malt sweetness from Caramel Malt.

Winter Soul**Winter Seasonal**
A deep amber, full bodied ale, brewed with four different malts, Cascade hops and just enough orange peel and cinnamon to be Impishly delicious. This seasonal beer will be available through the winter months.

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